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Be an expert adviser for our clients who are working on everything ranging from recommendation engines to deep learning problems, optimization problems, data visualizations and social network analysis, to name a few. By joining Brainpool, you become part of a world-wide community of elite data scientists. Signing up is non-committal for projects. You can be an inactive member of the Brainpool network and still enjoy our talk series, industry training programs and social parties. Brainpool experts learn from each other.

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Hiring managers today are more likely to hire someone with experience in a range of projects and industries.


Competitive day rates.

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Data science is a rapidly changing field and data scientists are in high demand. It means that job opportunities go beyond classical full-time one-company contracts. Personally, I chose the path of being a consultant as it gives me a lot of freedom to focus on the gigs I am the most passionate about and skilled at.

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