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How does it work?

Step 1) Candidate Selection:

When a client posts a new project to us, we carefully scan the pool of experts for the most suitable candidates and select the top 3 candidates.

Step 2) Candidate Presentation:

The client is presented with the best candidates and selects who they wish to interview. In the interview, you can assess compatibility.

Step 3) Final Selection:

The client selects the candidate. The candidate then works with the client directly for the duration of the project.

Step 4) Execution

The project deliverables, work place, frequency of work, and project start date are agreed between you and the client. Once you have been selected for a project, we expect you to do the best you can to satisfy the clients needs.

Step 5) Rating System:

After each project is completed you and the data scientist give each other rating to maintain quality of service.

Advice & basic rules – Please read carefully

Whilst we do our best to get you projects, we cannot guarantee that you will be selected for a project that you expressed interest in, even if you were among the best-suited Brainpoolers. This is because it is up to the client who they choose to work with, which can depend on multiple factors.

There are typically at least 3 chosen Brainpool candidates for a given project.


If you are among the best-suited candidates in Step 1, you will receive a message asking if you would like to do the project.

  • In this email we will ask you to outline your relevant experience in a few sentences.

  • Candidates who can justify more precisely why they are suitable for a project, such as how many years experience they have in the required areas have a higher chance of being chosen for interview.


If you have been selected for an interview by the client, you should come prepared with questions.

  • The more you find out from the client about the project, timeline and required skills, the easier it will be for you to identify whether you are the right person for the project.

  • This is also the time to leave a good impression on the client. Hence, the more you can articulate why you are specifically suited for execution of the project, the better.


You do not need to sign a contract with the end client typically, as you already have a contract with Brainpool which you signed when you signed up. If you have not done so already, please read our terms & conditions carefully.

Tax and National Insurance

Brainpool does not act as an employer. Brainpoolers act as self-employed in projects. That means you are responsible for paying your own tax and national insurance contribution.


You will receive payment directly from Brainpool. Our rates in the UK typically range between £600 – £1200/day (or higher) and depend on both the years of experience working in commercial data science projects, and whether the expert is a recent Master or PhD graduate, or post-doc, lecturer or professor. The daily rates for Brainpoolers in the US range between $900 - $2000 typically.

Hope you enjoy working with us.

Team Brainpool